The 100th NFL regular season opens Thursday, Sept. 5, when the Green Bay Packers travel to Chicago to face the Bears.

With under a week , New Jersey sportsbooks are currently gearing up for a massive season of NFL football.
After all, even while 2018 had been the inaugural soccer most retail books were distances. It wasn’t until after in ancient 2019 and 2018 the 10 sportsbooks upgraded to their facilities. Borgata, for the own part, made a whole new space.
I have been reviewing every NJ sportsbook in advance of opening day. Now’s focus is Book & Borgata’s Moneyline Bar.
Address: 1 Borgata Way, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
The Borgata home remains a relative newcomer to the Atlantic City landscape, starting in 2003. Now Borgata is just one of three Atlantic City casinos.
From a betting perspective, Borgata is exceptional since they are the only Atlantic City casino offering wagering online horse racing, with a great 100-seat theater for simulcast horse. With their existing horse racing infrastructure set up, it was not surprising that Borgata was the very first Atlantic City casino to provide sports gambling last summer on-site at their house.
Borgata casino established its own NJ sports gambling app in May of this year, and just lately, the new Moneyline sportsbook was opened by the casino.
Moneyline Bar & Book started June 29 and can be located directly adjacent to this horse racing simulcast center (which nonetheless offers sports stakes ). Together with MGM as Borgata’s parent firm, they know how to deliver first-class entertainment properties. Moneyline is a space.
The book is large which means you’ll have lots of space or around the bar. The very best method to describe the texture of this Moneyline is how”ultra-high-end sports bar.”
It is a massive distance (8,000 square foot, next only to Bally’s Atlantic City sportsbook) ruled with a visually stunning 40-foot wide by 11.5-foot large LED video wall. There are 17 other TV displays, and they’re all huge format and provide ample viewing options. There is also room available for foosball table and a shuffleboard if you need to kill some time prior to your football match kicks off.
Besides the bar area which offers a large selection of drinks and craft beers, there’s also a food menu with plenty of sausage and appetizer options.
However, I see a few drawbacks into the design of the Moneyline.
For starters, the light is kept low. If you are watching a game, while it’s great, it is a challenge when you are reading a menu or Assessing last-minute game information. Nevertheless, the significant concern for me is that which I call that the”form and function” of this Moneyline. Its form, as noted, is top shelf. It will have some challenges because a sportsbook.
Among the many wonderful things about a sportsbook is the ability to drop in, make your stakes, and discover a chair to see the sport (s) whether it’s for 10 minutes or 2 hours. In Moneyline, the capacity to have a seat of one is tied into a reservation for a table or couch.
Should you snag an unreserved seat, it’s in a table and you will be asked what you’d like to order to eat or drink. I guess being in a sportsbook to see some games is not enough.
My point-of-view: There is a feeling that you have to measure on a beverage or food order. Point is, despite the fact that there’s seemingly lots of room to do so, there are not any”unattached” chairs at the Borgata sportsbook.
In terms of accessibility to the Borgata, if you aren’t taking a jitney or a ride-share business to Moneyline, the prices are a veritable bargain at $5.
Moneyline includes an”in-the-round” style with a large bar in the center of all the action.
If you can’t find enough sports gambling action the pub has gambling terminals. There are some great luxury rolls with 10 tables with stations and five sofa booths. There’s also a VIP lounge room with seating.
There are six teller terminals at Moneyline. As a point of caution, at Borgata’s horse racing simulcast center (that the Race & Sports Book) there are sports betting windows. However, it is sports gambling no horse.
RATING: 4 stars
Borgata currently has two self-service terminals.
RATING: 3.5 stars
The wager at the teller window is $5, which beyond the William Hill NJ possessions, is the conventional live teller minimum at AC sportsbooks. Since the kiosks have a $ 5% while a few locations have kiosks that offer lower betting minimums, that’s not an option here.
RATING: 2.5 stars
The 35-foot high video wall is a brilliant screen, using a definite”WOW” factor.
As mentioned, all the other TV displays in the publication are also in a big format, therefore it is certainly a”quality over quantity” approach into the TV screen d??cor of the Moneyline.
This certainly works if a game that you would like to see will be on one of the screens, however if you are searching for something besides Eagles, Jets, and Giants at 1 on Sunday, Sept. 8, then there could be a few challenges.
RATING: 5 stars
Having a”fire marshal” maximum total capacity of 444, however by my quote there are not any more than 100 chairs in the book.
There are no stand-alone seats out there, as previously stated. The chairs that do exist would be at the pub or a portion of table seats and (in my view ) inherently attached to a beverage and/or food arrangement. I would definitely add more chairs to the venue.
RATING: 2.5 stars
The reverse side of limited”unattached” chairs is the access to reserved tables.
When many sportsbooks offer restricted to no reserved seats options (unless you happen to be a VIP), Moneyline sportsbook in the Borgata allows tables to be reserved beforehand. Presently, Fantasy Football draft party packages are being offered by Moneyline for no less than eight people.
RATING: 5 stars
As previously mentioned, there is an extensive food and drink menu at the Moneyline. This is an upgrade from schlepping it back to your table and grabbing a slice of pizza or hot dog from the casino gaming courtroom.
This really is a temporary intersection of”Sports Bar” meets”Restaurant” meets”Sportsbook” menu. As you would anticipate, it is higher-end and is higher-priced. That’s not only a soft pretzel about the menu; it is a”Giant Bavarian Pretzel accompanied by Stone Ground Mustard.”
RATING: 4.5 stars
The Borgata sportsbook includes a fair amount of betting staff in the teller windows. The majority of the Moneyline employees buzzing about the book are all wait and hospitality staff moving to from servicing the tables.
On the afternoon of my off-peak time visit, there have been some line and future cost sheets available. It was fine, but nothing remarkable.
RATING: 3.5 stars
Borgata is one of three casinos located in the marina. Atlantic City does provide a jitney shuttle service that’s relatively cheap ($2) and can get you to another Marina District casinos (Harrah’s, Golden Nugget) and all the other Boardwalk spots.
Then the self-parking charges for Borgata are $5, which can be a relative bargain compared to Atlantic City casinos, if you aren’t riding the AC jitneys.
RATING: 4.5 stars
Borgata has casino gaming action as well as restaurants, clubs, along with a spa situated on-site.
There are no other casino choices within easy strolling distance, when you’re in Borgata as is the case with Harrah’s and Golden Nugget. However there are plenty of activities here in the Borgata to keep you occupied.
RATING: 4 stars
As part of every sportsbook visit, I’m placing a bet for the forthcoming 2019 year old.
Borgata has posted players futures for season leaders at rushing and receiving yards. I made a future bet to play 2019 to prove after hanging out last year priced at 14-1 to lead the NFL in rushing:
Sportsbook at Borgata is certainly worth checking out. Sunday it’s top-shelf d??cor, large TV screens and also a massive variety of food and drink options set it about the definitive short-list of all AC sportsbooks to set up shop on a college football.
Albeit a restaurant that’s a part of a sports bar, which also happens to have sportsbook moneyline feels like a restaurant first. If that really is for, then it’s an perfect place.
It’s certainly not sportsbook”standard-fare” design which may include dozens of unencumbered seats and 50-plus TV screens. MGM has taken a different and one of a kind approach with their $12M sportsbook investment in the Borgata. That is OK, although it might not be for everybody’s appetite.
If you want to get elbow-to-elbow with a boisterous team, then go next door to the Borgata novel that is racing and you will have tons of chances to mix up this.
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